Super Sunday Is Powerfully Magic!

We’ve all got a little bit of super inside of us; a ball of excited energy that’s just waiting for the right time to be released. Well, superheroes… you’re in luck, because Jump Around’s awesome arena is exactly the place to let that ball of powerful energy loose!

Tips and Tricks for Free Jump

You’re on your way to the Jump Around arena and the excitement is palpable, a kind of amped up electricity that’s impossible to ignore and can only be exhausted by a jump coupled with a few tricks!

Take a Load Off at the Jump Around Canteen

As parents, there’s barely a second when we aren’t hustling, worrying, or looking after our little ones, so when an opportunity presents itself we need to take it with both hands, and as enthusiastically as possible! Jump Around’s canteen is chock full of delicious fun and allows you to relax with your friends while your children are expertly supervised by our experienced and attentive staff.

Throw a Birthday Party at Jump Around!

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and that makes Jump Around’s arena all the more alluring! Take it indoors this season for your birthday parties to experience the kind of excitement your kids will be talking about for many years (and birthdays) to come.

Jump Around is Open for the School Holidays!

Jump Around is open for the duration of the school holidays and offers the resources and facilities for your children to jump off of the walls – quite literally – in a place of safety. Jump Around celebrates activity and exercise with an arena decked out in the most vibrant colours and fitted with a variety of stimulating games and activities.