Summer is in the air, the days are longer, and there’s an energetic buzz that gets us out of bed quickly to seize the day in style! After a long winter that made cuddling underneath a blanket seem the best course of action, the warmth and blue skies have made a welcome return. And with the bright sun comes the insatiable appetite to just get out there and do fun stuff!

Let’s be honest, where else can you find so much fun stuff to do all bundled into once amazing arena? Not only does Jump Around house the most amazing trampoline field, but we also have tons of energised games to play, as well as a canteen to put your feet up in after a long session of jumping. Good exercise, good food = happiness!

Jump Around’s arena offers a welcoming, friendly atmosphere facilitated by our experienced staff, so you can be assured your children are in safe hands when leaping, dodging, rolling, and laughing inside of our arena.








Below are the adrenaline-pumping games Jump Around offers, as well as a rundown of the safety aspects, and how seriously we take you and your family’s wellbeing.

Have a great, safe summer with Jump Around! We can’t wait to welcome you into our arena of awesomeness! Book TODAY:


“Slam dunk” like Michael Jordan on one of our basketball lanes from superhuman heights. Your child will have never have jumped higher!


Jump across to one of our “Dodgeball courts” and let the games begin. Dodgeball on trampolines brings a whole new dimension to the game.


Is your child the next Ronaldo? Let them practice their shooting skills against the goalie with a vertical advantage on the “Soccer Pitch”.

Foam Pit

Let your child practice their aerial skills and flip their way into the “Foam Pit”. They’ll enjoy the freedom of flight landing into a pit of 7000 foam cubes. The Pit is suspended by a trampoline for their safety – soft landing guaranteed.







Your Safety Is Of the Highest Importance to Us

While fun is what we’re all about, your safety takes the top spot on our agenda:

Soft Trampoline Walls: One way to keep our jumpers safe is by surrounding our trampolines with soft but strong, 8-ft-high trampoline walls. These walls are strong enough that jumpers can bounce off them and back onto the trampoline floor.

Raised Floors: All areas beside the trampolines that are not adjacent to a trampoline wall are at the same level as the trampoline floor and padded with soft foam.

Padding: Our trampolines have no exposed springs or gaps to fall through. All steel framework and springs are covered by the appropriate thickness of padded foam.

Netting: Above the 8-ft high trampoline walls there is additional netting to keep jumpers within in the area. For added safety, netting is also used to surround the basketball slam dunk and foam pit areas.

Foam Pit: Our foam pit contains four feet of foam on top of a trampoline floor. Court monitors are present at all times to ensure the safety rules are adhered to.