Family time is important, but we all know the toll daily life takes on our bodies. The stresses of work and traffic all add up, leaving us feeling drained, lethargic, and really unmotivated. There is an answer to this problem, and that’s exercise.

I’ve got no time! It’s not fun, it’s a chore, and I’d rather be spending that time with my family! We hear you shout. And you’re not wrong – why forgo quality time with those you love?

With Jump Around and our adrenaline-releasing trampoline park, you don’t have to!

Imagine 1000 square meters of trampoline fun crafted specifically for adults, teens and kiddies to laugh at gravity while soaring into the air. Our arena is so much fun, and also gives you an excuse to exercise while enjoying quality time with the family.







Check Out the Addictive & Fun Activities We Have at the Arena:

We have five energetic activities to select, all of which offer safe fun for the whole family:

Step through the doors and prepare to defy gravity as you bounce from wall to wall across 50 interconnected trampolines in our “Free Jump” zone.

“Slam dunk” like Michael Jordan on one of our basketball lanes from superhuman heights.

Got a competitive streak? Jump across to one of our “Dodgeball courts” and let the games begin. Dodgeball on trampolines brings a whole new dimension to the game giving you another dimensions to dodge that ball.

Practice your shooting skills against the goalie with a vertical advantage on the “Soccer Pitch”

Practice your aerial skills and flip your way into the “Foam Pit”. Enjoy the freedom of flight landing into a pit of 7000 foam cubes. The Pit is suspended by a trampoline for your safety – soft landing guaranteed. So test your limits in the skies and be vertically surprised.

In summary, you don’t have to sacrifice time with your children and partner to exercise. Instead, you can pop down to our awesome arena and get energised with the whole family!

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