We’re showcasing some pretty awesome reviews today. And what would Jump Around be without you guys? Pretty boring, to be honest! Your continued support of our arena and activities has crafted a special atmosphere that values fun, exercise, and friendly competitiveness.

We at Jump Around would like to thank you all for visiting us to jump, dodge, flip, and slide at the arena! Here are just few choice reviews from a few valued customers:


Owen: “Great fun”

Jumped Around with a group of friends – this is my second time here and it was awesome. The evening slots are a lot quieter so you have access to all the jump areas. Good facilities & snack bar.


Candice: “Great morning out!! Fun, friendly, organised, different. ”

40 mins from Paarl, this place is a must visit for kids (and adults). Each session starts on the hour, one hour was plenty for my 5&6 year olds. Do yourself a favour and complete the waiver (health and safety) online before getting there to save lots of time and fiddling. Reasonably priced. Good staff. Handy canteen upstairs. Great experience…

Colin: “Great time out”

First time here with granddaughter. A great way for kids and older kids to get rid of energy. While the kids are jumping the older older kids can enjoy the view of the trampoline from a well-stocked tea room upstairs. A bit expensive at R120 an hour but great for birthday parties.

Cassiem Abrahams:

Had and AMAZING time, Wednesday 24 August. Kids really had a lot of fun and after jumping around for 10 minutes, we were exhausted!!

Nathan Kevin Nel:

Amazing place, it is extremely fun and exhausting but I am definitely going again. People there are super friendly and staff are great to have a chat with. A must for anyone that likes having fun.

See you on trampolines, guys. We can’t wait! Book now: http://jumparound.co.za/ticket-admission-sales/