If you really want to see your child have the time of their life, then bring them to Jump Around’s absolutely epic arena! Children adore trampoline parks, a fact that parents the world over can attest to. But what exactly makes children want to return, over and over (and over) again? Let’s unpack the question and shed some light on why your kids can’t get enough of Jump Around!

Energy, Energy & MORE Energy!

While we adults just want to relax and take a load after a long week at work, kids just want to run around and have fun. They hate sleeping, napping, and will avoid going to bed no matter what! This is because they’re full of energy that has to be expended before they start to feel tired.

Kids are always happier and more contented when they are out and about with friends. This is one of the reasons they love coming to Jump Around – our arena combines activity, fun, and friendship into one incredible experience that’s sure to leave them exhausted by the end of it.


Children Can Let Loose

Your kids don’t know what the word “restriction” means! While parents know that imposing them keeps them out of trouble and danger, children just believe it ruins the fun, right? Thankfully Jump Around offers a safe place for kids to let loose in an atmosphere that gives them a sense of freedom. Imagine how happy you would be if you could do what you wanted without any consequences? That is what a trampoline park means to kids.

Competition is Healthy for Children

A healthy dare is a way for a child to do something that they normally wouldn’t, or something that frightens or challenges them. Children love to compete with their peers.

Jump Around is a natural place that stimulates healthy competition in a fun, safe environment. Our dodge ball game, for example, is ideal for competitive children. It’s totally safe, which means children can play in safety while enjoying a proper game of dodge ball (made more awesome by the addition of trampolines, of course).

See you, your children, and friends at the Jump Around arena for some safe, incredibly energetic, and totally-fun jumps!

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